After our family and homes our cars have been the most looked after belonging we have ever cared about. Yet have we ever taken a moment to think about how well do we really know our cars? Where are they right now? Are they in safe hands? Are they being looked after properly?

What if I told you that there was no need to worry about  your car anymore and that now if absolutely anything happens to your car, you will be the first to know. Your car is no longer a clunky piece of metal on wheels but a treasure trove of information. All this is possible because your car has a secret port. This secret port is know as the OBD port, short for On-Board Diagnostics.

So, what is this OBD port?

The OBD port can be defined as a sort of computer that can monitor your car’s fuel efficiency, speed, emissions and other useful behavioral data. The OBD port is found in every car manufactured in India from 2008 and quite a few models manufactured before that. It’s a standard port found not only in cars in India, but all over the world!

The OBD port is usually located under the dashboard, mostly somewhere below the steering wheel. It has the ability to register problems with the vehicle way before the driver begins to notice them and acts as a gateway to understand your car better. This is also the same port that your mechanic uses to scan the car when you take it to the workshop for servicing.


If your car model is not on the above GIF, follow the link below to our How It Works Page and scroll down to locate the OBD port and also watch a quick installation video of the vehicles of your choice:

And how will Carnot help?

With Carnot the OBD port has a medium through which your car can communicate with you and alert you in case your car is in a sticky situation. With the help of the OBD port Carnot lets you know where exactly your car is at all times, whether your loved ones are safe and alerts you in case any harm comes upon your vehicle.

To install Carnot all you have to do is plug the Carnot device into the OBD Port of your car and then download the Carnot app. Once you’ve launched the app, the on-screen instructions will easily guide you through the next steps and help you sync the device to your phone. In under 2 minutes, you will be good to go!

giphy (3)

How can I get Carnot?

If you’d like to book your Smart Car upgrade, you can order your Carnot Smart Car device on our website and we will deliver it to you in a weeks time. We’re now also available on Amazon. Look forward to welcoming you on-board the Carnot experience!

2 thoughts on “YOUR CAR HAS A SECRET PORT!

    1. Hi Harish. Yes, both Carnot and Honda Connect offer features such as GPS tracking, security alerts and other OBD port related information. However, Carnot is designed and manufactured to be a holistic smart car device for your vehicle. We are continuously working towards making Carnot a one-stop-shop for all car related needs – from insurance to service to every day car needs.
      We have designed and manufactured our own in-house product. Yes! Carnot is Made in India and we have build our product modules from scratch – hardware, firmware, backend, and app.
      Carnot is compatible across different types of manufactures and models unlike the Honda Connect.
      We are continuously working towards upgrading our systems and developing more innovative technology. Our bike product is a great example of that.


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